Delivery Policy


Standard Delivery Fee - $11.95 No guaranteed time. Delivery between 8AM-8PM

AM Delivery Fee - $14.95 Guaranteed delivery before noon.

Sunday Delivery Fee - $16.95 Sunday delivery. Anytime

Exact Delivery Time - $24.99 Guarantees delivery for specfic time within +/- 5 minutes of the requested time. Order must be placed a day in advance!

Please NOTE: Depending on the delivery location an extra charge may apply for out-of-town and rural area deliveries! If such charge is needed, we will send you a payment request/invoice by PayPal for the difference.


You can pickup your items from one of our location free of charge


We guarantee 100% Satisfation. Returns must be made within 3 days of delivery.

Returns must be in a mint condition and unopened.